About Us

Crabtree Manufacturing was founded in 1968 as a general welding and machining repair shop. In the late 70's we started working on pull scrapers for various customers. After repairing and modifying these scrapers we began to see their weaknesses and flaws in design. We would redesign the hydraulic cylinders, hubs and hitches to last longer and started building and stocking the individual parts and assemblies that would still be less expensive than factory parts. After high customer demand we started building the major pieces of the scrapers, (buckets, gates,rear frames and main frames) all heavy duty and built to last. Eventually we started making the whole scraper per each customer's individual needs and options.

Today we have our own line of scrapers for sale or rent and are still building them per each customer's individual needs and options. We carry a full line of parts made in house on several CNC and manual machines for our scrapers as well as Reynolds and other popular scrapers. We have noticed that one customer's idea of the perfect scraper is not another customer's idea of the perfect scraper so we work very closely with the customer placing the order. Since we have no dealers you are dealing directly with the owner of the company when you call us. To some that might seem like a weakness but we see it as a strength because we can work closely with the customer and eliminate the middle man that would hinder progress and value. Our goal is to produce quality parts and scrapers at reasonable prices and in today's economy that is very important.

Since 1968 Crabtree Manufacturing has developed a solid reputation for quality, value, durability and customer satisfaction.

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