From 7 yards to 27 yards, all Crabtree scrapers are built with the professional dirt mover and land leveler in mind. All are built on site at our facility, which is the only way to achieve good quality control. We have several different models all built to last and reinforced at key stress points with numerous configurations available. Options include T-1 plate, laser racks, hard surfaced blades, three piece blades, frost bits, extended tongue lengths, size of hydraulic lines and hoses, larger hydraulic cylinders, tandem hydraulics, rear hitch for front bucket (standard or quick release), horse head styles, super duty hitches, drawbars, and several different tire and hub configurations. We work closely with the customer and build each scraper per customer instructions, so the options are almost limitless. We stock every part for our scrapers with a very high percentage made in house as well as some parts for other popular brands. We welcome any calls, emails, or visits to our facility to get a current price on your next scraper. Below are the models and a basic description of each.